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Ive been wanting to replace my current 6m repeater receiver with something that was. Ill probably have at most 4 or 5 radios to maintain. It is just a matter of trust that the hardware and software all should be in one place at a time, meaning only one copy of the software on one p. Also, you will need a copy of the pyramid programming software and fy1. Cdm pro series professional series twoway mobile radios. High quality usb programming cable for motorola radios. I had the same problem with a motorola cp200 portable purchased on ebay. This should not preclude you and another amateur radio operator from splitting costs by physcially moving the software and hardware required for programming from place to place. This program queues up the software and firmware to be loaded on your ardueino due board. Typically each series or individual radio requires its own software package.

Professional rss software and a motorola rib available to program the mobile radio. If your business has a large fleet of motorola rdx two way radios or has to adjust the radio settings every time a new radio is added, you can save a considerable amount of time by using the rdx series programming software. Do not attempt to run dosbox or any of the dos programs at the pi end. Can any one point me to some good pc programming software for these.

Cdm series professional series twoway mobile radio basic service manual motorola, inc. The motorola products described in this manual may include ed motorola. List of motorola programming software part numbers blogger. To program a motorola cdm model radio, you need the professional cps software that is available from motorola. The motorola cdm and cm200cm300pm400 mobile radio index page compiled by robert meister wa1mik maintained by robert meister wa1mik i know nothing about this equipment so please dont ask. Rss for motorola saber system rss for motorola gm300 professional series, gp300 professional series radio, version 03.

Are there any free licensing options for the cps software from motorola. Ribless programming cable cat interface for motorola. This demo uses an xt420 radio connected to a pc using the official usb. Programming the motorola rdx series two way radio duration. It is the mobile counterpart of the ht750, unlike the ht750, it is only available in a 4channel version. This document is not designed to be the beallendall of howtos on programming a motorola cdm1550 with the professional cps software. Programming a cdm1550 with cps im looking for advice on what would be required to set myself up for programming some cdm radios for 70cm repeaters, gmrs and simplex.

I agree, there is no use expecting anyone to offer a pirate copy of carefully protected software, irregardless of the manufacturers support of the hardware andor software. I can purchase the programming software for the motorola cdm1250. This completes the programming of the pis software configuration. Motorola rdx two way radio programming software this entry was posted on may 1, 2012 by rick. This page will describe how to modify hack the cdm750 series radio cps to program outofband. Cdm and proseries basic service manual repeater builder. Radio is in good condition and comes with palm mic and mounting bracket and new power cord.

Please do not make requests for copies of radio programming software which is sold or was sold by the manufacturer for any monetary value. The basic version of the motorola cdm mobile radios. Hello, looking for programming software for my radios m ht1250. The cm200 cm300 pm400 replaced the cdmseries radios. A look at the motorola customer programming software. To obtain motorola software see the sticky in the motorola forum. The various other vendors often permit their dealers to sell the software online i. Accordingly, any ed motorola computer programs contained in the motorola. Motorola power programming technical discussion mygmrs. View and download motorola cdm series service manual online.

M5x aftermarket multiradio programming cable for motorola cdm, ht1250, cp200, ex600 and more. I noticed in the programming software that the highlow power level is adjustable up to 48 watts on high power. How to download the motorola rdx programming software. Is there a reason that people or motorola sets the power level at less than the maximum. Programming is a little tricky but if you have had a motorola before then you already know that. Motorola ht1250 programming software download freeware. A rs232 level converter is needed to talk to the radio, and in the oem motorola soultion consists of a programming test cable aarkn4083aarkn4074, a rib level converter and a test box rln4460ab. Welcome to gsmforum, here you find all infos about android, windows mobiles, iphones, flashing, repair, unlocking, root, development software, firmwares. Motorola cdm1250 programming software trustedsacer. Motorola certain exclusive rights for ed computer programs, including, but not limited to, the exclusive right to copy or reproduce in any form the ed computer program.

You also need a programming cable to interface the radio to your pc. It is designed to be a quick check list to make sure at least the basics are met for programming a typical customer layout in a trunking system with maybe a conventional talk. Programming cables vary, and you can use usb cables that directly interface between the pc and radio, or you can use the older motorola style that need a r. The cdm mobiles program and flash via the back 20 pin accessory.

Motorola cdm series of professional mobile twoway radios. Joel huntley wa1zyx home page email this page describes what needs to be done to modify the cdm conventional series radios for outofband frequency entry. What to do if the radio programming software does not. To anyone looking to acquire commercial radio programming software. Programming is simple and requires a rib or ribless programming cable, cps software and a 12 volt. Rss for motorola gm300 professional series, gp300 professional series radio, version 03. An overview of the customer programming software cps and tuner program.

Motorola cdm1250 2 zones setup for telex ip1616 console. Pro series, cdm750, pro3100, cdm1250, pro5100, pro7100, cdm1550 series. The version for latin america is called the pro3100 highlights of the motorola cdm750 mobile two way radio adjustable power levels yes. Apparently, up until recently there was different software for the latin. The cdm and ht series are programmed using windows based cps. This is a 25 watt, 160 ch, vhf radio with a band split of 6174 mhz.

Choose save as and save to a folder or the desktop on the pc. Ive managed to keep almost all of my cdm radios all the way back at something like. Mm aftermarket radio programming cable for motorola mobile cdm gm pro rj45 ribless. What to do if the radio programming software does not detect the cable or com port this entry was posted on july 27, 2016 by rick. For motorola mobile usb programming cable cdm750 cdm. The shopping list for your homebrew mmdvm repeater. The video is brought to you by the two way radio center.

I modified the cps software and the problem went away. Group is the following list showing what is the currently part numbers and version of software for many of motorola s most popular radios. Motorola cdm1250 mobile twoway radio motorola solutions. I just did a cdm programming last week and it worked out fine and tried.

I recently purchased two of these radios, one for my base station and one for my ford explorer. No license is motorola will have no liability with respect to granted by implication, estoppel or otherwise any claim of patent infringement which is based under motorola patent rights or s. Before you begin, you will need to have a copy scholerjohnson rss software, motorola. The motorola cdm mobile radio index page repeater builder.

Youve just received your two way radio, taken it out of the package, and now you want to get it operational. The pro7100 cdm1550 be advised that is you have one of the pro5150 elite radios, it does use the standard programming cables for these radios, but you need one of the newer versions of cps to read and write to the radio. The cdm1250 works for business or leisure, with a variety of channels from which to choose to talk through or the ability to scan through channels until you hear chatter. The shopping list for your homebrew mmdvm repeater project using motorola cdm 1250. Cdm1250 mobile twoway radio features due to the fcc narrowbanding mandate in the united states, product specifications and brochures for motorola solutions twoway radio products may indicate 25 khz12.

Maxtrac and others motorola radius maxtrac gm300 m1225 cdm1250 cm200 cm300 similar cable from amazon cables for other radios are available. However this should not preclude you and another amateur radio operator from. Ribless programming cable cat interface for motorola cdm750 cdm1550 pro3100 pro5100 pro7100 db9 serial port, can work with both destop and laptop easy to set up, no cable driver is needed fast and stable data transfer work with windows xpvistawin7 do all radio settings with one time edit brand new from factory. The motorola cdm1250 twoway radio is a device that you can install in your vehicle, office or home to quickly communicate with another radio with the press of a button. Motorola power programming posted in technical discussion. Motorolas cdm1250 mobile twoway radio can readily expand to meet rapidly changing business needs, ensuring superb sound clarity, even in noisy. If youve got one that isnt here, email us the info and well add it to the list.

The company that i got them from programmed the first 16 of the 160 channels 14 gmrs and two repeaters so i am operational, but i. They might have a way to eliminate the password protection in the programming software for the cdm1250 by doing a programming software modification. Premier dealer for kenwood, icom, motorola, blackbox and vertex standard two way radios, headsets, and accessories at discounted price. Motorola cps software walkthrough and tutorial youtube. Using the radios customer programming software cps, reset the bias. The cm200 cm300 pm400 replaced the cdm series radios. List of motorola programming software part numbers from our friends at the radio programming yahoo. Rss for motorola gm300 radio, you can program 40 channels to gm300 with this rss.

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