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They are important for building vocabulary and enhancing reading comprehension. By completing the exercises in this book you will also increase your vocabulary and re. Write the matching synonym from the word box on the blank next to the word. Dictionary of synonyms, which rapidly became a favorite book among readers and writers who wish to understand, appreciate, and make nice discriminations in. Synonyms are words that are similar, or have a related meaning, to another word. This book is available for free download in a number of formats including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more.

Book synonyms, book antonyms merriamwebster thesaurus. A complete dictionary of synonyms and antonyms by samuel. The oxford thesaurus an az dictionary of synonyms intro. This book is designed to help you prepare for the verbal sections of many assessment and entrance exams. Find the top 100 most popular items in amazon books best sellers. To the text of the synonyms is appended a set of questions and examples to adapt the work for use as a text book. A lover of books the bibliophile fingered the old book fondly. Antonym word list brothersister buysell carefulcareless catchthrow ceasebegin certainuncertain cheerfulsad citycountry closedopen coldhot combineseparate comedytragedy comego completeincomplete condemnpraise conquerfail contractexpand coolwarm countrycity crookedstraight cruelkind dangeroussafe darklight daughterson. English synonyms and antonyms by james champlin fernald.

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